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AUTOSAR XML features
  • Reading ARXML files in all AFE editions
  • Extraction of the ARXML content
  • Analysis of ARXML structure
  • Recursive in-tree reference analysis
  • Resolving references between multiple files
  • Solving missing information and generation of placeholder files
  • Merging of multiple ARXML files
  • Display and editing network configurations
  • Extraction of data from ARXML, DBC or LDF files.
Diagnose services
  • User interface for exploring vehicle files via the Automotive File Database library
  • Extraction of diagnostic libraries and services, diagnostic fault codes, ECUs, documentations, value tables, etc.
  • Compatible to old and new file standards
  • Creating/editing data independently of the data source
  • Merging a wide variety of files
  • Extracting individual data areas and parts of the libraries
  • Comparison of different file sets
  • Conversion of machine-generated content into a human-readable format
  • Easily understandable, structured presentation
  • Individual configuration of the data presentation


    Currently supported file formats

    Input formats

    • Open Diagnostic data eXchange (PDX/ ODX)

    • Vector Candela (CDD)


    • DataBase CAN (DBC)

    • LIN Description File (LDF)

    • Node Config File for LIN network (NCF)

    • XML Automotive Data Exchange (XADE)

    Output formats

    • XML Automotive Data Exchange (XADE)


    Functional overview

    Net Config
    Extended Edition
    Reading ODX, PDX, CDD files
    Reading & writing ARXML files
    Reading XADE files
    Writing XADE files
    Reading & writing DBC files
    Reading & writing LDF files
    Reading NCF files
    Serialisation / Deserialisation of messages
    Extracting UDS Services
    Adding UDS Services
    Modifying UDS Services
    Network view - CAN - LIN - ETH
    Network editing
    Autosar packages explorer
    XPath evaluation
    Autosar REFs extraction - links between multiple nodes / files
    ECU Extract (merging multiple ARXML files)
    Export of unresolved references

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